About Liliah Haven

Liliah Haven provides transitional accommodation for single women who are pregnant, or have recently given birth, without safe or stable accommodation.

During their stay, residents will be supported with case management that will help them to seek suitable housing, parenting support and training, community connections, and education or employment where suitable.

We are most suited to woman on a journey towards finding a permanent and stable home for themselves and their child, along with a desire to improve in their overall well-being.

While the path to housing stability varies for each person, and there’s no predefined timeline, we hope most residents have found accommodation within 6 months of being at Liliah Haven.

* Please note Liliah Haven no longer operates as a residential rehabilitation centre and instead has changed to offer transitional accomodation under the same name.


Every applicant is assessed for suitability for Liliah Haven on a case by case basis. We invite you to give us a call or fill out an expression of interest below to start the discussion.

These general criteria apply:

  • Single women who are pregnant or having recently given birth, who don’t have safe or stable accommodation
  • Aged 17 years of age or older
  • Capable of living independently
  • Willing to engage in case management
  • Actively looking and applying for housing
  • We are not a secure facility, if you are currently leaving a domestic violence situation we encourage you to contact Entrypoint to discuss a more suitable place for you.

For any agencies that have clients they believe would be suitable for Liliah Haven, please contact us for a referral form.

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Our Facilities

Liliah Haven is set on a beautiful property in The Rockingham/Baldivis region of Western Australia, approx. 40 minutes south of Perth. With tall Eucalypts, native wildflowers, areas of bush and manicured lawn areas, it is not unusual to see kangaroos resting in the shade, or to be interrupted by the loud kookaburras. It is a place of peace that you will experience the moment you arrive on the property.

Our singles accommodation consists of seven, fully furnished double bedrooms (one for you and one for your baby) with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Recently renovated in 2022, each double room comes furnished but with ample space for residents to add their own personal touches. Our common living and dining room is large and spacious, with a fully equipped kitchen and lots of natural light and space for babies to play and crawl.

Additionally, a 3 bedroom cottage with its own kitchenette, bathroom and small yard is available for women with more than one child.

Liliah Haven operates a shuttle bus to the shops or Rockingham city centre for women who do not have their own transport as there is limited public transport available.

We are personally, deep down, give our lives to it, dream at night about it, invest our lives into it, carriers and implementors of our mission and vision.

It’s who we are!


A community where every mother, regardless of her circumstances, is empowered to overcome obstacles to create a life filled with opportunities for her family to thrive. Where the resilience and strength of mothers is celebrated and supported, their dreams and aspirations are nurtured, and where they are equipped with the tools and resources needed to build a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

Our Mission

We create supportive communities for pregnant women and young families by providing essential resources, guidance and opportunities which empower individuals to make positive life choices for their future and the well-being of their children. Through a range of programs, and by referring to trusted services, we nurture healthier and more fulfilling lives to break the cycle of adversity. Our commitment to stability and support ensures families receive the tools they need to thrive, fostering a Rockingham community where every family flourishes and contributes to our collective wellbeing.

Looking to Apply?

The first step is to register your interest using the form below, once we receive your information and as a place becomes available we will contact you by phone to start the process and to be available to answer any questions that you might have. You are also welcome to call anytime if you have questions – 0450 947 751

Expression of Interest in Liliah Haven
Who is the expression of interest for?
Is the Applicant currently pregnant?
Does Applicant have children in their care?
Is the Department of Communities (CPFS) connected to your family?
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?

Our History

Liliah Haven is the trading name of Servants of United Love Incorporated (SOUL), which is a not-for-profit established in 2008 by sisters Patty Powell and Eileen Giles to meet the needs of Rockingham. In 2009, The first House of Hope was opened as accommodation for pregnant women experiencing homelessness. This program housed dozens of women over the next 11 years of operation, seeing many women supported to be great parents and find their own long-term accommodation.

During 2020, as a result of the COVID pandemic causing financial pressure on our major donor, our house of hope was unfortunately forced to close. Soon after, we began a new chapter under the leadership of Paradox City Care, with our CEO Greg Lake and a new board, chaired by Andreas van de Sand. After a year of renovating a campsite in Baldivis, in 2021 we began a residential life-recovery program for single women. This program ran successfully for 15 months, seeing many people overcome addictions and poor mental health, before the decision was made after the last graduation of participants, to return to SOUL’s original mission of housing pregnant women and young families in a larger transitional housing model.

Our name Liliah, which was also used for the life-recovery program, means ‘God is abundance’ and forms the heart of our care for the most vulnerable in our community. We operate under the banner of Paradox City Care, along with another charity called “The Crew Rockingham” which runs programs, meals, clothing and hampers to serve the homeless community and those in need in our city.


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