Wherever you are at, wherever you have been, no matter the pain or shame or hurt or hopelessness you feel, we believe there is healing and wholeness available to everyone.

Our residential program will help you to get healing from your past and move forward into a better future.

Our Program

Liliah Haven is a residential life recovery program targetted at women who are suffering from life-controlling issues including addiction, trauma, destructive behaviours, depression, anxiety and poor mental health. This complete recovery program aims to support the recovery and healing process as well as educate, equip and empower the women to thrive in future relational and work environments.

Our Community

We are a thriving community of women in various stages of healing; feeling loved, supported and valued. Where participants are nurtured as they navigate their trauma; and celebrated as they brake free from life controlling things that have held them back. We support each other and through this community approach see the best in each other and call each other to a higher standard. We celebrate together as each person graduates in our program, having the necessary skills to successfully transition back into the community, maintain healthy relationships and live independently with freedom and wholeness.

Our Values

It’s more than words, it’s how we thrive!


We value a village approach to the healing journey through group classes, communal housing and team and peer support programs


We are a faith-based Christian organisation that recognises the personal, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs of each individual


We value an empathetic approach to healing life’s traumas, and seek to equip our clients to grow in compassion towards self and others


We are committed to the holistic welfare, healing and personal development of each individual and have tailored our program accordingly

5 Stage Program


Stage 1

You are welcomed, shown around and are paired with a “welcome champ” - someone who’ll show you the ropes and introduce you to everything you will need to know at Liliah Haven. Given these are the early stages, we are aware that this is a period of adjustment for new participants. An adjustment to the place, the people, the rules and the daily routine, for some it's quick, for others longer, we let you go at your own pace.

Stage 2

You will have familiarised yourself with the program structure and the daily movements within your new community. You will have started to understand how the key attitudes you are practising, bring you closer to a life transformed, by teaching you a new positive way of thinking and behaving. Getting out of your old environment and entering a new one will have given you a fresh perspective and the time to reflect on your life and realise, “yeah—things just weren’t right before”. You will become an active member of the Liliah Haven community and will be seeing opportunities to help others.

Stage 3

You are now ready to take everything you have learned thus far and begin to imbed that knowledge into your character, beliefs and mindset. Your behaviours should be starting to change, and you should be displaying consistency and observing the fruit of this. This is the beginning of “wisdom” and understanding that to achieve a different result you need to make different choices.

Stage 4

You are taking the key attitudes from previous stages and imbedding them into your life. Humility is a key aspect of servant leadership and by now you have begun leading through serving, in the best interest of the community. You will have had opportunity to really see the positive outcomes manifest in your life from making right decisions. You will become increasingly able to recognise old habitual/negative behaviours and to address them quickly. This Stage is about forgiving the past and choosing the future, one decision at a time, apologising where necessary.

Stage 5

This is the final stage! The end is in sight! Now you are working out how the principles, key attitudes and the new you, translate into life in the outside world. The Program has provided the environment to enable you to grow and change spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, but the choices have been yours. This stage allows you to experience life outside of the program while still having the supports in place if you need it. We expect you to make mistakes along the way, that is a natural part of life, however it is what you do with your mistakes that are what count! By now you have learnt the importance of honesty and accountability.


When we think you are ready and when you think you are ready, it is time to graduate! Your journey and transformation is celebrated, and you are celebrated. Graduation is when you are ready to leave the program and transition back in to society, having the relational, emotional, and practical skills to live in wholeness and relationship with others. You will be part of the wider Liliah Haven community and can be part of supporting new participants in the program and being part of our graduate program which has regular support and encourgement groups to ensure you stay whole and healthy.

No Barriers to Entry…

The desire for change is the key entry requirement so we have made the fees low to ensure everyone can afford it. Participants are required to pay two weeks upfront when they enter and then fortnightly payments ongoing. These costs are covered by your centrelink benefits ($300 per week for those on normal benefits, $350 per week for those on a higher disability pension). This will all be discussed at the assessment interview.


Looking to Apply?

The first step is to register your interest using the form below, once we receive your information we will contact you by phone within two business days to start the process.

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Our History

Servants of United Love Incorporated (or more commonly known as SOUL) started in February of 2009. We were given a house from a generous benefactor. It soon became apparent that we needed to help those women who are pregnant and homeless. Over the last 12 years many Mums, babies and children have used the house called St. Pio’s House of Hope and soon after another house called St. Benedict’s House of Hospitality. Both of these houses ensured the women had the support and safety during labour and the care and training how to provide and care for their children after giving birth. These houses also kept women with their children as most were having to give their children over to the Department of Child Protection if they didnt have a place to stay and someone to keep watch over them. However, due to COVID and a number of other factors we lost these houses. Since then we have been provided with even more accomodation which we are using to start Liliah Haven.

SOUL Soup Patrol was started in 2008 and has been serving meals around Rockingham since then, providing a meat and salad roll, hot soup and muffin along with fresh fruit and veggies. The SOUL Soup Patrol continues to run under The CREW which houses all of Paradox Transformation Centres emergency food relief.


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